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ON THE LOT: New Mineral White 116i Sportline F20

My lovely little F20 was finally delivered this morning and I absolutely love it!

Apologies in advance for these really poor pictures, I will try and update my Bimmerpost Album at some point in August with better resolution images.

First Impressions:
The F20 is significantly better than the outgoing E87 in every department: it has a more mature primary and secondary ride giving it a bigger, premium car driving feel. The 116i is much more spirited than my equivalent E87, more so in Sport mode where it is eager and keeps up with traffic.The quality of the interior finish is better too (built to a budget but better than rivals with possibly the Audi A3 as an exception). Noticeably more room in the rear though the RWD tunnel is quite intrusive as you'd expect. Bigger boot or atleast a more useable space.

Pleasantly Surprised By:
1. How good the LED Corona rings look: getting the Vis Pack is highly recommended
2. How many compliments we got for the "Urban line white gloss grille"
3. EcoPro; those little gubbins are less gimmicky than I imagined
4. On this 116i, I found the best ride and response in Comfort mode - I never thought i'd drive a BMW in anything but 'Sport' mode
5. Love the deep door pockets and big glovebox which are sectioned and actually usable

Early days but not so sure about
  1. Ambient lighting is a bit basic [liked having LED strips and directional lights front and rear on my F07, and the retired E87 had Extended Lighting package]
  2. Limited cubbyholes around front dashboard [blanks]

Happy to report that I had no problems with:
  • Bluetooth pairing with the iPhone 4s
  • My aftermarket Y-cable off eBay with the iPhone 4s
  • The air-conditioning blower
  • DAB/FM radio reception

This is primarily my wife's car in and around town but I expect to drive it a lot more than I ever did the E87 we just retired.
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