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Major AC problem - please advise

hi guys,

when I got into the car today after work, my rear window defroster AND AC compressor lights (both lights) were flashing...

The AC turned on automatically (as it does every time I start the car), only it almost didn't blow out air.
The small amount of air that was blown out, wasn't at all cold.

This whole time, the lights kept flashing, mind you.

After a while of pushing different buttons, including the MAX button, the AC compressor light turned solid green, and cold air started blowing out.

The rear window defroster light was still flashing.

when I pressed the AUTO button, the fan speed turned down to 1 (as I like it) and the correct temperature was selected, only almost no air got out of the vents, and it was not cold...

The rear window defroster light kept flashing the whole way back home, and is still flashing !

WTF ?!?!

Any inputs are appreciated.