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superspeed I got pretty much the same figures as you with my 120d manual.
Here is an example-photo taken during my ~6000km eurotrip this summer, been driving 90% highway at 120-140km/h for 844km and ended up at 4.7l/100km as seen below. A couple of traffic-jams and roadworks like seen in the pic of course bring the avg-speed down.. :

usually ended up around that consumption during the trip.. 90% highway @ 120-140km/h with a few stops and slow parts here and there through most countries was the most common driving-pattern. Except for germany of course where the consumption went up together with the speed (whenever it was allowed) =) was pretty good still I'd say... looking at current consumption with cruise-control @ 180km/h it was around 8.5l/100km. Flat out 230km/h was 16.0l/100km

driving around back home mostly back and forth to work about 50/50 urban/highway I'm around 6.4l/100km.

overall consumption since new (covered a bit over 10.000km so far) is 6.2l/100km if I remember correctly.. might have come down abit more even. At the beginning when the car was new it was more around 6.5-6.7 with the same driving pattern.