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Thanks, just tried it, and it works like a charm!

I've monitored the coolant and oil temperatures during a evening run. The temperatures:

Start (after unlocking the menu)
00:00 - Coolant 68c, Oil 38c
00:05 - Coolant 96c, Oil 69c
00:10 - Coolant 107c, Oil 96c
00:15 - Coolant 107c, Oil 113c
00:25 - Coolant 107c, Oil 114c
01:00 - Coolant 108c, Oil 117c

I started off with normal driving, and only started with higher revs after 10 mins. Seems like the engine (oil) reaches the optimal temperature after 10-15 minutes in normal driving conditions. Bear in mind that this test only included local roads with speeds up to 100km/h