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Originally Posted by b33g33 View Post
Nacho, I know the loaded v stripped is a pet peeve of yours but honestly, the 1M is not a great example. Loaded or stripped, our 1Ms are NOT light cars by any stretch of the imagination.
I have to agree with that. It seems to be a marketing trick designed mainly for US/NA market to call the 1M lighter than the 135i etc. since its launch. It really is not any lighter, the difference in NA is because of the different equipment levels, especially the sunroof and it is negligable anyway. In other markets, (German or Europe for example) the 1M is usually quoted as slightly heavier than the 135i and just 85 kgs. (more or less a passenger) lighter than a E92 M3 which is a quite big car. The German weight data is better for comparison purposes because of very similar base equipment levels there (which means all base cars very stripped). In fact, since the M3 has power seats as standart and 1M not, the real (totally identical equipment levels) difference between a 1M and M3 coupe is even less than that 85 kgs., maybe 70-75 kgs. My former family sedan, the four door 2006 E90 330i Msport was around 1400 kg. compared to 1495 kg. of the 1M.

It is not a very light car, our 1M, just does not feel it due to torque etc.