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Originally Posted by barcius View Post
+1 here. This thing looks like a VW Golf "in pain"looking at the front and a 5 year-old tail light design at the rear. Can't stand the fact also BMW is using ///M on everything nowadays. What a great way to dilute your brand: make a bad copy of the best selling hatch back in Europe + put your most exclusive brand on it. Now a 18 year old can park next to your M6 convertible and say he has a M car too. Fuc?ing idiots.
So you feel the M6 convertible is closer to the original ///M-spirit than the M135i? I am not so sure. When it comes to diluting the M-branding, The X5M and X6M must be the worst examples, I guess, along with the M550xd. The M used to be the Motorsport letter, but now I guess it means Marketing.

Back in the days of the E28 M5, there was also an M535i, so this is not really a new thing.