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Originally Posted by ATX78703 View Post
i'm talking about the spirit of the car b/c there will not be a 1M again. The jury's out on whether there will actually be an M2, either....

"is" models are a joke, they're basically North American only "swan song" models as some sort of token of appreciation for us being the largest market, yet slighting us with a lot of the other performance models.
I would be willing to bet money that we'll see an M2, even in the shitty economy the 1M sold out very quickly and impressed the hell out of the press.

The M135i is a sportier 135i, but it wasn't designed with the same goals as the 1M was, it's a high performance 1 series but it is supposed to fit into this new category of half-way M cars whereas the 1M was much more...hardcore I guess is the word.

I agree with you on the is models, but the fact is those were regular cars with the performance suspension, exhaust, power kit, etc. bolted onto them and that's exactly what this M135i is. A real M car like the 1M and the theoretical M2 would be like the M3 and others with around 80% of their parts changed from the standard car.