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Originally Posted by Gras View Post
What is the purpose of 114i when it has the same emissions and fuel consumption with that of 116i?? Better price vs less performance? What BMW should be looking into is better performance + better price.
The 114i is being launched to be underpowered- it is to market the 3 cylinders which are coming shortly as well as the FWD CST. MINI currently uses similar output and sells them more than the higher output for fuel conscious.

By showing a lowly 114i powered by a 4 cylinder as less powerful than the 3 cylinder it shows the new 3 cylinder as "better" than the outgoing 4 and with the CST being smaller and lighter it will be an all around better value and product.

Sounds crazy but that is the reason. Not to be overshadowed in the EU is the idea that small displacement is king as it saves fuel and saves money in taxes and purchase price. Also not everyone is interested in the fastest mode of transport but something built well and comfortable.