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I was mainly referring to stone damage protection.

I am not condoning the use of mud flaps, that is a personal choice, it is just that they are ineffective.

Mud flaps do not stop all the road haze from getting all over your paintwork and if you are driving around in those slushy conditions they only stop it at low speeds.

I would assume that if your daily commute was in wet and slushy conditions, you would have to wash down your car daily to remove any grime and possibly salt residue from the paintwork.

From my limited experience in driving around in snow and slushy conditions on our roads here in the snowy mountains region ('hills' in comparison to the Alps) was to fit clear skins 'as suggested' for stone protection and to have a Karcher HP Washer at the ready for when I got home to do a quick clean off of the road haze.

I have not been to the snow recently, however, I do use a Karcher with the snow foam lance fitted to do a quick clean now.