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Post How To: Install the Dog Guard

Here is my second how to.

The task: Fit an OEM Dog Grill to the F20
Why: Because i have two dogs (which is one of the reasons i went for a hatch) and i hated having them on the back seats in my saloon. Plus, the provided instructions are a bit confusing
What do i need?:
  1. Part #51472292188 from BMW- which includes EVERYTHING you need, including screwdrivers
  2. 15 minutes install time
  1. Step 1: Lower your rear seats

    Easy step really, but important.

    The two bolts you see are part of the package, put them there (useful for the next step)

  2. Step 2: Insert Dog Guard

    How you do this is important, so as to install it yourself (Without help). Simply slide the narrow end of the guard into the car, with the top part sticking upwards. It will sit perfectly on the rubber seal on your boot- so dont worry about it scratching your car

  3. Step 3: Insert Bolts

    Insert the two bolts you placed in the car earlier into the feet of the dog guard

    Now place the two brackets on the correct side- see the image above for reference

  4. Step 4: Attach the left hand bracket

    Lift the dog guard into place, don't worry that its not stable, then lift the left hand bracket into place behind the dog guard.

    It fits into the latches where the seats clip onto- see the image below for reference:

    Bit of a poor shot here, sorry guys- but this is me holding the left bracket into place:

    It will support the weight of the bracket- Now use one of the screws and screw it into the second screw hole- ensure you dont screw it tight, leave it slightly loose for now. Leave the first hole for now.

    Once screwed in, immediatley follow onto the next step

  5. Step 5: Attach the right hand bracket

    Exacty the same steps as step 4

    Once completed, move onto step 6.

  6. Step 6: Raise the seats

    Its time to lock the seats back into place. Do so carefully, as there is now only a tight gap. I did it by bringing the seat up to the locking position, then went into the boot to ensure that it snugly locked into place, for both sides.

    Once the seats are locked in, screw in the remaining screws- again, leaving them slightly loose

  7. Step 7: Secure the Dog Guard

    Now that the bulk of the work is complete, its time to ensure its safe and secure. Look at the two bolts sitting on the boot floor:

    They need to be screwed upwards so they hug the dog guard. Start by using your hand to screw it as far as it goes:

    Then continue to use the included tool to tighten it:

    Finally, tighten the 4 screws and you're done!