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So here is the first how to for the F20 in this forum, from what i can see...

The task: Fit a dashboard mount to the F20
Why: Because i hate suction / vent mounts for my phone- the either leave a mess, or block ventilation!
What do i need?:
  1. Dashboard mount
  2. Phone mount (attaches to dashmount and holds phone)
  3. STAR T20 Screwdriver
  1. Step 1: Remove the centre console vents

    In this step, which is not as easy as a certain youtube video would suggest, we remove the center console vents. I did this by gripping the top right of the vent and getting my fingers under and unsnapping it, then i ran my fingers along to unsnap the left hand side. As seen below:

    I then ran my fingers down from the leftside to finally unclip the vents:

    At this point you can safely rest the vents on the centre console, it wont damage or scratch anything

  2. Step 2: Remove the passenger side T20 (STAR) screw

    Below you can see the screw which needs removing, this was simple, although a little effort was required- so make sure you use the correct bit, or you'll bald the head.

  3. Step 3: Insert the dashboad mount

    At this stage, i was a little worried as i couldnt figure out how to get the mount in. Turns out you simply need to slide it down between the dashboard and the CD unit as shown in the image below. ensure you align the screw hole with the screw hole in the dash

  4. Step 4: Reassemble

    Reassemble by screwing the T20 screw back in (nice and tight so everything comes together), and snap the vents back onto the dash

  5. Step 5: Attach your chosen phone bracket

    I used my brodit dock from my previous car, but you can attach whatever you wish. Any brodit dock works with this solution. The great thing about brodits is that its on a cylinder adjustable- so it can be rotated any direction to suit your needs

  6. Step 5: Admire work

    Congratulations, you now have a convenient way to access your phone. I'll post up how i routed my USB cable to the arm rest, if i ever get around to it:

    UPDATE: I wrote the USB routing guide:

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