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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Obviously. In fact, this was well known before. When BMW M opted for the N54 for the 1 series M coupe development and not for the N55 both engineers and executives made clear statements about N54 being more suitable for extra power and torque and for further tuning possibilites, there were also rumours that the N54 wouldn't be able to meet forthcoming tighter emissions standarts in various markets. Plus, the two turbo set up of N54 gives less turbo lag. N55 is really an emissions and consumption oriented unit despite similar or identical output.
Doesn't the N55 have less turbo lag? If you compare the N55 and N54 both with 306hp, the N55 has max torque available already at 1200rpm (100rpm sooner). Isn't the purpuse of twin scroll tubines to make less lag?