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Originally Posted by PaulUK View Post
90% of people think that it looks like a dog.
Utter rubbish. A totally made up statistic fuelled by your personal perception and only of the threads you personally have read.

Measure the public at large rather than internet haters, and only those who have actually seen one in the metal, then lets see what the numbers come out at.

This is a hugely important car for BMW as it brings drivers into BMWs from other brands and gives 3 & 5 series drivers who want to downsize an option to stay in a BMW. If you think for a second that BMW would put a car through the years that it takes to get from design stage to production without having a very clear understanding of the market and what people want, then you are a fool.

The fact that the new 1 series is selling very well I testament to that. I see at least one new 1er on the road everyday now.

We had all this negativity when the first 1er came out, and the last 5er for that matter. Its the same old rubbish from the same old haters.
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