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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
I think you forgot the M3 E30 with its NA 2.3l I4.
That is naturally aspirated engine intended for touring car racing. It is very different from a high pressure turbo application in a modern road car.
The M2 is meant to be an entry level sportscar and not a prestigious car. Just go get an M3 or an M6 if you want I6 or prestige.
Well I haven't seen the new M3, but I don't see the point in having a car any bigger than a E82 or E46.
Your lag-story ahs no sense either, as in somehow in the 1M BMW managed to eliminate the lag the 135i had. Want do you want more? Just get the I6 M235i if you don't like the I4 M2.
The lag isn't bad in 135i, but has some lag unfortunately. I would expect a smaller displacement engine with more boost to have more lag, all things being equal. Maybe you are right about the hypothetical M235i vs M2, but I would rather not buy another car with suspension designed for runflats.