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Originally Posted by Bmwfourlife View Post

Took delivery of my 116D sport at the end of Nov 11 and after two weeks the parking sensors stopped functioning.

Instead I was met with an awful alarming noise with the I drive display showing all areas shaded in relation to vehicle distance.*

Took it to BMW and they fixed it the same day with the reason for malfunction as "faulty transmitter".

This has been replaced by BMW under the warranty.*

Sensors work perfectly now.

Other than this, really like the car.

The only other thing I have noticed is that when listening to music through the usb stick sometimes the system gets stuck and does not let me change the track via the Idrive.*

I have to change modes and go back in and then I am able to change again. This is after the usb has been read and ready to use.*

Actually also I have been advised that the sound quality via the bluetooth hands free is distorted, not sure if this is to do with my i phone 4s that I am using!! :-/

I had the same problem with the usb.
The solution was update to the last software, and replace the head unit for a new one...
The problem was in the 'go to sleep' mode of the car.

Further i've got 1 other problem, and that's the reaction speed of the rain sensor, it's terrible slow!