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Originally Posted by Bmwfourlife View Post
Wolz - thanks for your response, I have since had a fiddle with the mic volume within a call and it seems to be alot better.*

Not had any wheel skids in the rain as of but it feels like its on skates in the snow, think I would have to get used to which the best gears are to use as i previously owned a fwd car.*

Yeah the classic light is orange - been orange with bmw for a long time and the sport is white.

Also just a point, I thought the Bmw life option was only in conjunction with one of the proffessional media packs/sat nav???
good to hear the bluetooth-handsfree working better. I like how they placed the mic sort of above you, great positioning.

I got it wrong with the interior lightning color, the idrive is correct after all, sport = white

The bmw live option: my understanding was that it could be ordered on its own, not in conjunction with anything really. But I do get a bit worried now =) After all I found all the info regarding the "high-tech-options" was very vague (iphone integration, bmw live, bmw apps, connected drive and stuff like that). But I shouldn't have been able to choose the bmw-live option alone if it requires some other option to work?!

I'll investigate further... the option is there in the menu but once I click it, it starts "connecting to bmw live/transferring data" something like that... then it stays at that for a minute or two and then returns an error msg stating something like "bmw live is not compatible with the phone-network"

for those who have not heard of bmw live: The idea of bmw live is that it utilize your mobile phone to go out on the internet to fetch data like weather-forecast, rss feeds (news) and stuff and display it on the dashboard monitor... figured there is potential in that. Plenty of room for bmw to expand that into all kinds of nice features down the road! was only like a 100euro extra for that option.

But since I've obsiously missunderstood other things, I might have gotten this wrong aswell hehe. Would be kinda funny if I'm stuck with an option that requires another add-on that I miss owned by bmw-live. Nah I'm optimistic

to be continued!