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Originally Posted by human88 View Post
Just to let everybody knows my new F20 118i's engine went dead suddenly and couldn't get it back up when I was on my way to work this morning.

The car is now towed to BMW service centre and am now waiting for BMW to get back to me on where the problem lies.

I just took delivery of the car about 2 weeks ago and have not done anything funny with it.

Hope the problem is nothing major but really didn't expect a new car to break down in just 2 weeks.
I got the car back and BMW said how the fuel tank is divided into 2 sections, and the fuel pump has problem sucking fuel from the other section, therefore my car ran out of fuel and the engine died despite the fuel gauge still showed my car has more than 1/4 tank full.

At the end BMW replaced the whole fuel pump for me and I got my car back the day after it was towed back to BMW.